Student empowering

CareerLounge brings students and industry together through tools that equip talents on their journey from takeoff to their dream destination. I'm currently helping to define and evolve CL's products all through branding to design principles.

Tags: Branding, UI, Ongoing

Building a sub-brand

First on the agenda was to shape Paddl, an app that will soon enable students to find relevant work experience to their course. Building upon the concept of discovering opportunities and working toward your goal the product icon took shape of a kayak paddling forward.

Being the core of the brand it's basing itself on CareerLounge's hexagon shaped logo that's to act as a framework for all future sub-brands.

Product icon applied to the universal grid
Sub-brand in situ

Universal Brand Guide

In order to effectively communicate the essence of the brand and all design guidelines I crafted a comprehensive manual for the whole team to be able to refer to. Included are typographic approaches, photographic references and artwork styles.

CareerLounge CareerLounge CareerLounge CareerLounge
Sample sections from the guide


All artwork extends out of the kayak into a concept combining experience with wildlife, e.g. playing on navigating through field work and collecting feathers in one's hat.

Icons keeping a gamified aesthetic

(More to come - Ongoing project)